25 thoughts on “Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology)

  1. sprinkleOFkawaii Post author

    ….u didn’t mention this but i really want to know what if sat is retrograde in the 8th house in its own house? i think theres a big difference if there’s an exalted ret sat in the 8th and a debilitated ret saturn…..then what? ……….

  2. MermaidRam Post author

    Saturn is retrograde in my 5th house (scorpio). What does that mean for me?

  3. zzzeropointzzz Post author

    Great stuff man! You gave a good breakdown of a little talked about astrological occurence. Thank you!

  4. thivakar Post author

    Am i correct ?
    Im aquarius, the saturn is retrograding back to 8th house. 8th house was the worst this time when ti retrograde its good ?

  5. Nunmuduru Post author

    Hey man.

    I’ve been looking up retrograde Saturn on the net and everybody seems to say that a planet that is retrograde means it become stronger, they also say that while most planets become positive when in retrograde, Saturn is the exception and usually becomes even more malefic.

    Can you please shed some light on this? This has been one of the most confusing things for me as I myself have a retrograde Saturn… and that too in the 12th house.

    Thanks. :)

  6. rbtharsika Post author

    Thanks for the quick video lesson, it was very clearly explained. Most astrologers used to say when a planet is retrograde it is bad or it makes someone think out of the norm. Now, it seems like the planet is better to be retrograde (saturn and mercury).

  7. goingplaces11 Post author

    Wait steve jobs had a retrograde and did not get an education…I think that statement contridicted what you said earlier about the retrograde.

  8. duttadinesh2000 Post author

    What happens for Taurus ascendant where Saturn is yogakarka-lord of ninth and tenth house? Does Saturn retrograde good for taurus ascendant or direct is better?

  9. NoFukinNamesLeft Post author

    Saturn retro, own sign in 10th house with moon. I think this is good but I’m new to this…

  10. debudada Post author

    I am an Architect with ret Saturn in 10th house , although success is still to come as yet. Lets hope ..Some day ..

  11. Priyank572 Post author

    i have saturn-rahu in capricorn in 5th house does that mean my studies will be worse or no success although there is jupiter-ketu in cancer in 11th house ….
    Please reply ..

  12. rushig Post author

    hi thanks for the video. you really seem to have a good understanding how astrology applies in the modern context. my saturn in retro in the 12th house with kethu. however it is exhalted (scorpio ascendent) can u tell me what the scenario is then? thanks

  13. chamlingraine Post author

    i too have saturn retrog.. in the sign of libra..
    and d9 chart i have saturn in 10th hous in the sign of aquarise.. can u pls explain me.. coz i wanna know more

  14. singhravneet1 Post author

    @krschannel what happens when you have a Saturn in fourth house scorpio retrograde….?

  15. rd foodnetwork Post author

    what happen to taurus ascendent if sat in 3rd house(retro) and venus in 7th house and sun and mercury(retro) in 9 house and jup in 11th (bad)and rahu in 6 and ketu is 12 and moon 2nd that kind of yoga is it

  16. KRSchannel Post author

    Bingo! There is lot more to astrology than just single planet interpretation.

  17. Nyljoeyo Post author

    My Leo Mars in the Fourth House is in direct opposition to my Retrograde Pisces Saturn in the Tenth. Is this the reason why I didn’t relate to most of what you were describing? Thumbs up for the video. Thanks.

  18. Krish101ification Post author

    Is there any link between past life and retrograde planets? I’ve read that retrograde planets mean u’ve taken birth in this life b/c u had a strong desire for something – which is related to the planet that is retrograde in ur chart?

    Plse Elaborate

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